Christian Troubled Teens Parenting Guide


Triangle Cross Boys Ranch and Beartooth Mt Ascent are therapeutic Ranch programs for troubled teens (boys ages 12-17) and struggling young adult men ages 18-26. On our 40,000 acre private ranch in Wyoming struggling teens are given opportunity for emotional and physical challenge. Our supportive and non-judgmental environment leads our students to view their abilities in a different perspective. Students experience success that challenges negative belief systems. If you have a troubled teen and need help we would like to speak with you about the positive and successful faith based Catholic Youth Ranch programs.

Be a better listener: Discover what your Troubled teen is trying to tell you

  1. . Listen and Talk to you teen often. Show interest in your teen's opinion. Try to have meals together as a family as often as possible and use the time for conversation, not confrontation.
  2. . Be compassionate and sensitive to an at-risk teens problems. Make it clear that you're always willing to listen and be sympathetic. Stress that failures are stepping-stones to success.
  3. . Don't just listen to the words being spoken, but also observe body language and look for the deeper meaning behind the words.

Increase your child's sense of responsibility. Include them in decision making.

  1. . Give them the opportunity to discuss family issues with you and to add meaningful suggestions. If you take those suggestions seriously, your teen will realize their input is valued.
  2. . Let them help you find alternative solutions to a problem.
  3. . Guide them in the right direction and give them good choices, then allow them to make some decisions.

Three ways to create open communications with your teen

  1. . Communicate with open-ended, not closed conversation. For example: "Tell me about how the party went", rather than, "Did you enjoy the party?
  2. . Be honest with your struggling teens and respect them and their feelings.
  3. . Be an active listener with an open mind. Let your troubled teen know that he or she can discuss things with you, if they are worried.

Eliminate the stress of face to face conversations with your troubled teens

  1. . Talk in the car while you run errands together
  2. . Talk while undertaking an activity together e.g. you making dinner together
  3. . Talking when you exercise together like taking a walk with your at-risk teen

Tips to avoid hurting your struggling teen's feelings while talking about tough issues

  1. . Don't attack their friends - they'll take it personally.
  2. . Don't lecture about the same problem over and over.
  3. . Focus on the positive and work together to address the negative.

Making it comfortable for your troubled teen to open up to you

  1. . Express unconditional love and control your emotions and reactions to what they tell you.
  2. . Become involved in your troubled teen's life to build a positive relationship. Tell them about your experiences if they are similar to their experiences.
  3. . Be supportive and interested in what interests your teens. Attend his or her sports events, learn about their hobbies.

Tips to handling a heated conversation with your struggling teens

  1. . Remain calm, positive, and patient.
  2. . Let you teen express her feelings, but try to keep her focused on the issue.
  3. . If the situation escalates, tell your troubled teen you can finish the conversation later after everyone has calmed down.
  4. Catholic Youth Ranch Offers a Parenting Course

Our Catholic Youth Ranch is a therapeutic boarding school that offers rehabilitation and healing programs to help troubled teens form more rewarding family relationships. As part of a holistic treatment plan, a Love and Logic(TM) Parenting Course is offered to the parents of all young men who are lodged at the Catholic Youth Ranch. The agenda of the parenting course at Catholic Youth Ranch tackles every aspect of the parent-child relationship including dynamic approaches that are based on extensive psychological research.

Certified Love and Logic(TM) Parenting Experts at the Catholic Youth Ranch empower parents with insights into the psychological framework of their young men and suggest powerful tools to combat family conflict. The Catholic Youth Ranch Love and Logic(TM) Parenting Course focuses on teaching parents the importance of teaching responsibility, positive influences and personal boundaries to their offspring as opposed to being caught up in a victim syndrome. A vital component of the parenting program at Catholic Youth Ranch is facilitating the process of building a healthy self-esteem in youngsters.

The Catholic Youth Ranch Love and Logic(TM) Parenting course offers effective guidelines for nurturing constructive behavior and developing healthier personalities in children. Catholic Youth Ranch believes in the power of positive influences, the process of learning naturally and developing leadership techniques to highlight individual strengths. The Catholic Youth Ranch Love and Logic(TM) Parenting Course also incorporates steps to identify the source of individual behavioral patterns and gain a better understanding of a child’s mind. Solving family problems through the process of imparting a sense of self-responsibility in children is a critical aspect of the parent-child relationship according to the Catholic Youth Ranch.

Building trust, listening, being receptive and keeping all channels of communication open is another important aspect of the parenting course instruction by the Catholic Youth Ranches. The tricky aspects of disciplining children through love and punishment are also tackled expertly at the Catholic Youth Ranch parenting program. Discussing sensitive subjects and teaching children the value of leading a self-actualized life are other highlights of the Love and Logic(TM) Parenting Course at Catholic Youth Ranch.

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